Residence Inn Rules and Guest Agreement

These rules are policy — legally binding — for the mutual peace, health, protection, safety and benefit of guests and management alike. REVIEW THEM CAREFULLY. Each one is important and will be strictly enforced. All guests are responsible for following these rules. Each guest must be the minimum of 18 years of age to rent.

PAYMENTS – The rental period is weekly from Monday to Sunday. Payment is due on or before Monday each week. Rent is discounted according to the Early Friday Discount amount if, and ONLY IF, paid in full on or before Friday at 5:00 PM. Nonpayment terminates residency.

REGISTRATION FOR STAY – Initial payment is a deposit equal to one week’s undiscounted rent, plus one full week’s undiscounted rent plus 1/7 of amount for each day prior to Monday.

TERMINATION OF STAY – 48 hour prior notice of termination of stay should be given to Management. All personal property and trash must be removed from studio when guests leave. Check-out time is Sunday by midnight. Deposits are returned only to residents who are current with their payments, kept the rules, gave proper notice of leaving, and leave their studios clean and undamaged. Termination for breaking any of these rules forfeits all deposits and remaining rent, if any.

NO SMOKING – All guests agree not to smoke or allow anyone to smoke in the studio unless it has been designated as a smoking studio.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – there is no consumption of alcohol outside of your apartment home. No drunkenness will be tolerated.

ILLEGAL DRUGS are strictly forbidden anywhere on the property. We have zero tolerance and you will be prosecuted and evicted!

NO LOUD MUSIC, NOISES, PROFANITY or other obnoxious behavior which is offensive to the other guests or to management. The comfort and rights of other tenants must be respected. There will be no noise generated from public areas from the hours of 10:00pm to 7:00am. You are responsible for your guests. Please observe “quiet time” or you will be fined or evicted.

NO UNREGISTERED OVERNIGHT VISITORS ALLOWED – No person shall be allowed to stay overnight at any time without prior registration of him or her with Management. Guests are responsible for their visitors keeping ALL these rules. Only 1 or 2 adults may rent a studio at a time.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL – is the responsibility of each guest. All trash must be dumped into the provided receptacle on a regular basis. Trash must not accumulate inside the studios. All trash must be bagged and placed in the trash receptacle. No exceptions! Any violations are grounds for evictions.

HOUSEKEEPING – Each studio must be kept clean and neat inside and outside. Each guest must pick up all trash, cigarette butts, toys and other debris in front and around his/her studio. No pornographic or satanic items to be visible at any time inside or outside of the studio. Please pick up anything not being used and put it away.

FORBIDDEN ITEMS – The following items are strictly forbidden: Vehicles batteries, fuel, camp stoves, torches, chain saws, heavy tools, greasy items, unused bicycles, weight benches, treadmills, weights over ten (10) pounds or anything else which may cause property damage or be unsightly.

NO FIREWORKS – on the property, inside or outside.

VEHICLES – Vehicle repair on the property is prohibited. All vehicles must have a current license plate and be in fully operable condition. Please do not park disabled vehicles in our community or they will be towed at owner’s expense. Heavy commercial vehicles are not allowed, except with written authorization by Management. No car washing. We have space for one car per studio. Extra parking spaces are not guaranteed. At Morgan Meadow, only one car per studio under the car port, all others must park on gravel on other side.

WATER USAGE – Do not use outside hoses or water lines for any reason.

PRIVATE TELEPHONE SERVICE – may be installed by each guest using telephone jacks already provided in each studio. Each guest is responsible for any and all fees incurred. Management will not be held liable for any unpaid bills or service problems.

NO WATERBEDS or any furniture containing liquids permitted.

PETS – Only one pet is allowed. It must weigh 10 pounds or less. It must live primarily indoors. A weekly fee will be added to the rental payments. All guests with a pet are responsible for pet care and waste cleanup. Failure to declare a pet will incur a fee of $10 per week starting from the week of move-in.

WINDOW coverings are provided by Management. There shall be no foil or blankets in the windows at any time. NOTHING may be installed in or on the domes unless approved by Management. Management will provide all “Private Residence” signs; no other signs are allowed.

NO LAUNDRY may be hung outside the studio.

NO SOLICITING allowed on any Residence Inn property unless approved by Management.

MANAGEMENT has the right to give written notice of termination to any agreement of stay at any time for any reason.

ALL OTHER DOMES at office location are for customers and employees only. The Visitor Center is for business. This agreement does not give guests any rights in any building other than the studio specified in this agreement.

ALL GUESTS will be responsible for obtaining their own post office box for mail services.

RIGHT OF ENTRY – Management has the right to enter guest studios for inspection, cleaning or maintenance at any time.

IF GUEST LEAVES and does not return and rent is due, without prior notice Management. will sell property for face value to pay rent owed and costs of sale. The excess, if any, will be paid to guest if guest contact Management and/or leaves an address.

PERSONAL PROPERTY – Management is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property due to fire, theft, or accident. If guests move and leave personal property, they cannot expect to see it again unless they make arrangements with Management, whereupon, Management may agree to store it upon terms as agreed upon.

EQUIPMENT – Equipment furnished by Management – refrigerator, microwave, beds – are property of Management and not to be removed for any reason. Removal of the equipment will be considered stealing and violators will be prosecuted.

PROBLEMS & COMPLAINTS – Please inform management immediately if there is an emergency. Call 972-483-7423 during business hours and 972-483-7592 after hours and on weekends. Do not call after 10:00 PM and before 7:00 AM if you are locked out.

I understand that failure to comply with ANY of these rules by me or my visitors will result in immediate termination of my residency, without notice and without recourse or refund of any kind. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and received a copy of these rules.