Monolithic’s Oberon Four-plex

It’s a Four-plex

The Oberon Four-Plex is a good idea, but turned out not to be the best idea. Sound travels in a Monolithic Dome and it travels between the units. Yes, we did the double studding and the correct specialty sheetrock, but they are still a little loud for the guests. What our renters really like for the smaller units are the 16.5 foot diameter cabins. The cabins don’t share walls, bugs, or fire.

Our new Oberon Four-plex is a Monolithic Dome oblate ellipse, with a diameter of 32 feet and a height of 12 feet, that encompasses four, separate apartments.

With a living area of 201 square feet –– about the size of a large, double motel room –– the apartments are designed for one-person occupancy.

Each unit includes a bathroom with toilet, shower and pocket door; an eating area with counter, apartment stove, cabinet, microwave and refrigerator; a sleeping area with space for a single bed or fold-out couch and a closet.

The story behind the Oberon Four-plex

A lady recently left our office crying. David B. South, our company president, said that she was in tears because she could not afford the weekly rental of $150 for one of our Io-20 rentals.

“What she wanted,” David said, "was one of our little rental units that are 192 square feet and go for about $100 a week, including utilities. She felt she could afford that. But we only have five. They were full and their occupants don’t vacate very often.

“So,” David continued, “I asked our design staff to come up with another structure we could use. But apartment domes with diameters of less than 20 feet become too hard to lay out. They lack straight sections for cabinets, showers, bathrooms, etc.”

The four-plex design solved that problem. “The encompassing Oberon dome has a comfortable-to-lay-out diameter of 32 feet,” David said. “And its compact units can be rented at a low rate and still be profitable.”